Tyres In Halesworth

Tyres play a vital role in the health of your vehicle. They are also incredibly important to your safety.And have you considered that worn tyres could affect your braking distance? They can also affect your fuel efficiency and the performance of your car. But the correct tyres, pressures and wear levels will boost efficiency and help your vehicle perform properly in all conditions.

There is some difference between the legal tyre tread minimum and recommended measure. Legally, the minimum tread is 1.6mm. But many experts recommend 3mm as the minimum tread. The difference between the two can result in an eight-metre stopping distance reduction when in wet conditions.

You should also consider general wear and tear of your tyres. Damage caused by everyday driving can lead to air loss or corrosion. It really is essential that you look after them and check for damage regularly. They are closely linked with other aspects of your vehicle. Such as your shock absorbers and brakes. These work together as an interconnected safety system that requires maintenance.

So, safer tyres mean safer driving. Kerridges service centre can complete a full tyre check for cracks, buckling, worn tread and foreign bodies such as nails. Our specialists can offer advice and guidance on the right choice of tyres. We can then supply and fit replacement tyres quickly and easily. We have a large stock of tyres at our service centre in Halesworth, which includes all the leading brands. These can be fitted quickly, on site, often on the same day.

To book your tyre check, get in touch with our service centre. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.